Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Coffee, Run, Ice Cream

These things have been my Prozac lately. I ended up running 75 miles last week with about 6500 of gain. A 23 mile run in there really kicked my ass since I haven't run more than 14 since CIM. I've been riding my single speed around as well the last couple of days to mix up the workouts. Forgot how much I love that bike. 

Keeping it juvenile with Mr. Tsang
Lately I've realized how comforting a cup of coffee is to me. Although I'm missing the crisp, clean, cool air of Colorado it feels nice sitting outside a coffee shop in 70 degrees with my girls. My running pace slows exponentially with warm weather but I guess its good training.. if I were to train for something. 

"I need a haircut, mom"
I've eaten an unhealthy amount of dessert lately. After I saw the elevation gain in my running last week I stopped feeling guilty about it long enough to have an ice cream sundae at the newly re-opened Farrell's last night. That place is a carnival. Banging on drums for birthdays and people dressed in funny hats and balloons. And really loud circus music. 
Next time it will be the Volcano Brownie
This week is looking to be a high mileage week as well. I'm really enjoying the outdoors and then diving into a book in the evenings. It helps the time go by and keeps the thoughts at a safe distance. 

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