Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Breakthrough - Silver State 50M

Sums up my race
Its been 3 days since my ego was dragged through mud vomit in Reno The Biggest Little City in the World. Long enough for me to put on my big girl panties and reflect how great the day actually was (because I'm starting to forget, just like Tan said I would, that awful feeling I had in my stomach that day). 

Truth is, I needed a run like that. I may have said that to Tan when we were hiking at some point in the day. Unless you are ever at rock bottom you can't properly enjoy when things are going well. And my year has gone really well so far - my self-esteem was probably getting a little too big for my small frame and my inner Buddha reminded me that I needed to suffer. 

Not a bad place to suffer
Memorable moments are ones like this above. At one point hiking up towards the peak I asked Tan if I could sit down a minute - it was actually really enjoyable just to sit and look at the view with a friend. And the mint infused lemonade at mile 36 where we discussed again whether or not to DNF. That lemonade made me feel like a million bucks again where I ran a solid mile without stopping! Then mile 39 AS had salsa/meringue music playing and I was feeling so good I was dancing around like a crazy person asking the volunteers to salsa dance with me. 

Amazing these guys were still there! Thank you Pamakids!
And LOOK! 12:29 I came in!! Not sure why my results say 12:33!!!
This was by far the hardest run I've ever done. It wasn't the course itself, although that too was tough, but mentally going through the motions of whether or not to quit something because I didn't feel well and therefore not going to perform as well as I know I could (by a long shot) took a huge toll on me. And I can't say that I would have wanted it any other way. Now that its over. 

A lot of people in this ultra-sport give others a bad time for DNF'ing (did not finish). I've heard on the course of ultras before other people complaining of things hurting and their race not going well but saying "DEATH BEFORE DNF". Whatever.  I'm of the opinion that we can only judge ourselves for the decisions we make and we shouldn't judge someone else's DNF as cowardly or justified. Making that decision sucks and I hope we can all have some decency to let someone else have their experience without calling them names for not "toughing it out".

Tan telling me he's gonna B!tch Slap me if I make him stay out there 5.5 hours.
Eclipse Pizza packet pick-up
And I don't want to end on a dismal note so I'm going to post this rad picture that was posted on FB - I think it was from the Auburn triathlon.. 

I don't know who this guy is but I want to be his friend.
Thanks Tanford! I hope I can return the favor tenfold in San Diego in 2.5 weeks! 

Photos courtesy of Patrick McKenna and Tanford Tahoe.