Monday, September 17, 2012

T3 Beckons!

This past weekend saw three 18 milers, 3 days in a row. With help of friends I got through them with little perceived effort. Typically when a weekend has this kind of thing in store I'm nervous and even a little mindfully apprehensive but I had a different outlook after the previous week and half being sick with a sore throat turned flu-ish turned cold symptoms. I was just happy to be well enough to run. 

Running is more fun anyhow when you have things to look forward to:

18 Saturday early morning run - followed by Perko's and Baker Beach

18 Sunday - followed by lunch with mom and dad and a nap with the monster, June Bug

The next week and a half will go by fast.. I need to enjoy every second of this taper as I will be getting into some heavy speed work in preparation for CIM after T3 recovery. I'm already 2 Cookie Connection gut busters in for the day. This is why I run.