Monday, March 25, 2013

Canyon Meadow 50K

I realized sometime last week, after receiving emails from Pamakids captain, that I had a 50K on Sunday. I thought it was this Saturday (I was a week off). Thankfully this was always meant to be a training run so there was no last minute tapering I had to do. I ran 12 miles on Saturday and with this 50K at 30+ miles I finished my week with around 65 miles in the books. This will probably be my longest mileage until Sonoma, April 13th. 

I decided this run was going to be a test of slowing myself down and eating at all aid stations. I walked hills (mostly) and managed to consume something at every aid station. I'm really bad at consuming calories while running. I've been doing 30 mile runs with about 300 calories for fuel. I know this won't cut it for Sonoma 50 miler so this run was a test of my tummy strength. 

The race started with a 900 foot climb and we re-visted this 3 times on the loop course. The climb slowed most of us down and this was nice because I had a chance to chat with some people and ran into some friends in the first couple miles. I met a few new people and one person I ran with chatting for about 10 miles. Nothing makes a run go by faster than good conversation. Its these talks that make me feel that friends I've known and been running with only a year have been my friends forever. 

I look like such a shrimp... We ran a mile or 2 together before she finished the half marathon
The next couple weekends I'll be tapering with some shorter, easier 20 mile runs . I'm looking forward to an eventful April (May and June too for that matter!) I hope my limbs stay strong for all of it! First up in the events is pacing and watching some good friends complete the American River 50 miler. I'll be up at the crack of dawn with those running and following them throughout. It will be a long and fun day! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Mom, Look! I'm a real runner!

I decided this morning while brushing my teeth that I should finally paint my toenails since its sandal season now. So I got out the red sparkles and started painting (still while brushing my teeth - this whole story happened within 2 minutes). Before I slathered paint on the black one - this is the 2nd toe of my left foot - I noticed it was starting to lift a bit more from the last time I paid any sort of attention to it. So I gently lifted it and was shocked that I felt no pain as it started to come off of my toe skin completely. 

Um. I've seen people do this on tv before. Usually its some ultra-runner with a sheepish smile on his face because he knows he's torturing the viewers. I have to say though I never thought it would be me, smiling by myself in my bathroom with toothpaste coming out of my face, laughing like Butthead

Friday, March 8, 2013

Cupcakes tomorrow! Oh, and 30 miles..

The best thing about Way Too Cool tomorrow is the frog cupcakes that await. I just have to run 30 miles first!

I'll also have my ego handed back to me after receiving 2nd place in both Steep Ravine and Jed Smith 50K last month. I'll be lucky if I'm in top 40 women... But I'm focused on a PR, not a medal. Last year this race was my very first 50K. I clocked in a 5:28:00 on the new course. Conditions were dry and perfect for fast running. I took it easy since it was my first one and I didn't know how to race a course more than 26.2 and, frankly, I was terrified. I'd like to be in the 5 hour range tomorrow. The top finishing female will likely be under or around 4 hours (!!!!!) That's a 7:45 min/mile people! On 6K+ of gain! 

I received my 15° F bag yesterday! I'm all set for Grand Canyon. I'm gonna take her for a test sleep at Sonoma next weekend. Camping and running! 

Snug as a bug
In other news my cat is losing weight and my chihuahua is getting fat. Apparently that quarter mile run I took her on last week has her feeling like I do. Starving all the time. So hungry. Don't know when the last time was I only had one lunch.