Friday, January 6, 2017

Catching Up - CIM 2015 & Mt. Whitney

I'm floored I have not posted here for two years! Especially after having the best CIM December 2015. I finally broke 3:30 and my favorite people were at the finish line or on the course along the way to greet me.

2016 started off getting into Miwok 100K and winning the lotto for Mt. Whitney on July 4th. 2016 was meant to be a big year with hopes of getting into Western States for 2017 and getting more grounded in my newish job with the State of California.

Still smiling although cold, dehydrated and hungry
Photo: Aunt Terry
Never happier at the finish of a marathon!
Photo: Baby Daddy: David Grabowski

Different plans were in store and big is understatement. But first, I will say that Miwok 100K was the best ultra race (following a great race I had on my birthday at Sonoma 50 miler) I have ever had. I think my goal was to break 15 hours and I came close to breaking 14 hours. Undertrained seems to be the best way for me to PR. And since I never want to leave out the gory details of my ultra runs I won't leave out that after breaking 10 hours at Sonoma 50 miler, I waved at David, went straight for the bushes and vomited. I was so happy for breaking 10 hours that I didn't care how poor my stomach felt.

Fast forward to June and I was invited to meet the Grabowski's in the sweet country town of Lancaster, PA. David and I attended his cousins wedding in the oldest building (church), in the US, I've ever set foot in and discovered fireflies. Did you know that it is their BUTTS that light up? I was so delighted.

Lancaster, PA June 2016

We got home towards the end of June and finally secured a lease on a bigger place. We moved the weekend before we were set to head out to Mt. Whitney and things were a little hectic. I felt "off" and I had a feeling I was pregnant. A few days and 3 pregnancy tests later revealed what I had suspected. There was something brewing inside. We found out the morning we drove to Lone Pine on July 2nd. We met up with our friends, Bruce, Kelly and John and camped out near Whitney Portal. On July 3rd we hiked/ran up to Kearsarge Pass for a warm up to Whitney.

Still smiling although I think we were both terrified at the news we had received the previous morning.
The next morning we woke and drove to Whitney Portal around 3:30 a.m.. Whitney was amazing and there is so much I could say about it but really one must experience it. It's 22 miles to the top and back. There are options, if one is lucky in the lottery, to do a multi-day pass so one can hike a half way up, camp, and then do the rest the next day. We were ballsy and did it in 1 day. The person I was worried about was David because he hadn't really trained. He is still new to the "long distance" thing and thinks that because he ran a marathon it would be no problem. I think he realized about 3/4 of the way up that he should have listened to his girlfriend :) He was a soldier and powered through it. He was also carrying not only his poop in the porta bag on his back but mine as well. If he's not a keeper, I don't think anyone is.

Top of Whitney - John, Kelly, Bruce, David, Me


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Post CIM Thoughts

Good Spirits! 
I have tried not to think too much about CIM this past Sunday. I stuck vigorously to a training plan in hopes to break a 3:30 marathon and what resulted would be hopefully the most unpleasant marathon I'll ever experience. I had a great race up until mile 17 or 18 when things drastically went south in my stomach. I actually puked 3 times on the side of the road. This began at mile 22 and if you're familiar with CIM you'll know that the crowd thickens right at about...mile 22. I may have discouraged many people this past Sunday from every attempting a marathon - a PDA (public dis-service announcement) if you will. 

The cause of this is most likely an electrolyte imbalance. I've seen this happen twice in 50 mile runs (previous shit show) but never a marathon. The weather was probably about 55 degrees at the start and rose from there. I was sweating like crazy and had salt crystals caked around my eyes and I only had water and GU&GU(Roctane) gels for nutrition. Last year, in much colder weather, I still had GU(Roctane) energy drink, as well as the GU gels. Totally my fault for not thinking about taking that with me on this run and I suffered the consequences. 

After the race we had pizza and beer (or bubble water) back at Kevin's place (the place he's graciously allowed for me to call home for several months). Having so many great people over at the house after the race really made me forget about the crappy run I just had. And honestly it didn't really feel like that bad of a day. I remember saying to Kevin in those last couple miles (he joined me in my stagger to the finish from mi. 24) "Today was a good day... other than this part". I think I spotted more people that I knew as spectators this year than previous years. There's got to be a reason I keep coming back after 5 years! 

My 5-time finisher mug picked up Friday previous to the race. Had it not been for this mug sitting at home I may have called it a day! 
Boston 2015 is where I hope to see a redemption run! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Redemption Run - Silver State 50M

Ran Silver State 50 Miler last Saturday for the 2nd time. The experience was 100% pleasant, although I missed my friend Tan's smiling face and walking with me for 5 hours (for a mere 17 miles). The course was still humbling. It took me 10:41 for the 51 mile course and had me re-thinking what kind of shape I'm in. I thought I would have been closer to 10 hours. I was supposed to run a 44 mile loop in Yosemite last weekend. When it cancelled due to snow filled peaks I decided to give it another go in Reno. This was always a training run for the upcoming 4 day Tahoe Rim Trail in July. I figured I'd take it real easy and just focus on staying fueled and feeling good the whole time. Mission accomplished. I felt like I could have kept going when I finished and knocked out 12 trail miles the following morning ending the week with about 85 miles. 

And I just signed up for a double century in the Eastern Sierras less than 2 weeks away. It's funny because I don't really ride that much. But that's the thing. It wouldn't be an adventure if I knew I was well trained and could do it. I have no idea if I'll finish 200 miles on a bike right now. The most mileage I've done was about 70 last week and it was all on my single speed. Again, the goal will be slow and easy to complete and not injure myself. A nice diversion from running for a weekend and with beautiful scenery. 

Plus I saw this on the menu at a nearby restaurant. Yes, please. 

Cluck Cluck Club of Raymond's Deli

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekend & Other Heavy Thoughts On Life

I was just telling a friend yesterday that I was feeling better emotionally since leaving Colorado. Although that is true there is still so much that time hasn't healed yet and sometimes I go to a place where I am full of self-doubt and pain. I try to enjoy the misery as I know how and find a creative or active outlet in the discomfort. That's why I've been running so much and feeling great with it. It's also why I've picked up the knitting needles, the paint brush and write more for a change. 

We're on earth for such a short period of time that its easy to spend the entire time figuring out what it is we're meant to be doing while we are here. I guess the only thing I know for sure is that loving oneself is the best start to living. Once you can forgive yourself and be at peace with decisions you've made in the past can you then be patient and empathetic with others. Love begets love. Loving yourself is the first step, in my opinion, to having a healthy relationship with people and things around you. 

Photos from weekend: 
Reading what I hoped was a love note but was instructions.  Derrick skeptical in the back.
On the beach from Pt. Reyes

Enjoying my run back to the car solo. My friends were more ambitious with their mileage. 

Bike ride to Capitol Tap Room

Keep loving. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ashes to Ash & Funk to Funky

I had a very decent run today up in Auburn. I headed up there after work for 14 miles in the hills. I have the idea to put in an average of 10 miles per day in March. It's probably a stupid idea but as long as I'm feeling strong I'll keep chugging along. 

Color in Sun

I like making them a bit longer Dopey style 
I also finally went and purchased some more yarn! I'm really happy how this hat turned out and though I want it for myself I thought I'd give a shot at selling it from Facebook first. The color reminds me of the Slurpee. And now I'm thirsty. 
JB Approved!
In other news I'm thinking about running Modesto marathon bandit style with Derrick... I think he's shooting for sub 3:35... I don't know if I could do that right now but it might be fun to try. Next up will be Grand Canyon for R2R2R. I'm really looking forward to getting back to that big hole in the ground. 


Friday, February 28, 2014

She's Crafty

Lately I've had a creative nagging. I'm not sure from where it comes... I've had the urge to buy canvas, paint and just go for it. Then I found this cool little dresser at a used store. They had one exactly like it with fresh paint only $10 more but I had an idea. 

Before shot - can't tell from the photo but it was really dirty and beat up.

A trip to Lowe's for some sand paper and I rounded the edges and smoothed it out. I had a friend with some extra paint so I saved some money there. 

Quick top coat of black.
I looked up a few blogs and instructions on how to get a "vintage" look but realized the only way to try this was to do it. I can't read about something I want to learn - I just have to do it. 

Red coat over the black.

Sweet nobs I picked up.

I'm quite pleased with the finish! So is Gracie! I needed the extra clothing space for my room since I'm starting fresh. This dresser is actually the exact match (but miniature) to a dresser I've had since I was a baby. That one is currently in my mom's closet. I'm going to paint it next but with a cream color finish instead. 

Miss Gracie excited for her new dresser
I'm still going to buy canvas and paint. Hopefully an artist friend of mine whose talent I admire a great deal will help me learn how to hold a brush. I might even acquire a little french hat for full artist affect. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014