Tuesday, January 22, 2013


So this is going on lately... I'm still running but this dull pain turns into an ache that ends up down the side of my leg not past my knee. I tend to self - diagnose and I'm pretty sure, as usual, I'm right on the money (or booty in this case). It's been going on for about 3 weeks now and last week I took 4 days off (in a row!) to let it rest. 7 miles felt good on Friday and then by mile 13 of my 23 on Saturday it was talking quite a bit. So after watching youtube videos I have some good stretches I can do to keep it bearable. I hope it goes away completely though by the end of the month. I have Steep Ravine 50K this Sunday.. I'm not "racing" this event but I am a little nervous about putting 32 miles on my legs given the piriformis (say it, its fun).

The good thing to come of this is me getting back on my bike! I went for 45 miles yesterday on the American River Bike Trail and it felt amazing to be back. Legs were comfortable and I didn't start feeling fatigue from the unfamiliar pedal strokes until about mile 40 or so. 

11 weeks to Sonoma 50! Which makes 13 weeks to Grand Canyon! I've decided to sign up and plan on attending James Barstad's annual Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim challenge this April. Will be the most difficult run I perhaps ever do. I'll elaborate more as it gets closer but here is a little peak at the elevation:

Its about 47 miles total and about 12K total in climbing and over 7,000 feet at elevation at 3 points. It will be a challenge to say the least and I hope I can complete it in one piece. Sonoma will be a good indicator of my ability, both mental and physical. 

Happy Running!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Cat's Turds

I don't normally have the pleasure of posting anything about my cat. I feel the need, today, after coming home this morning to one of his tremendous turds, to give Norm a shout out here. This blog was started in my quest to break a 4 hour marathon and has since been about different running journeys.. So it may be odd to some that my cat weighs 30 lbs and is what some might call "obese" when I might be what others call "obsessed" with running/working out.

What Norm does best
Photo courtesy of FB friend: Nathan Stewart
Compared with a child
Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Thorne

I adopted this hunk of love 2 years ago when I heard he was going to the pound. He was 10 years old and a dog lover, I was told. I brought my dogs over to introduce them and he ran up to them and started sniffing their butts right away. Love at first sniff. 

He has since become a neighborhood  downtown phenom. There are 2 annual parties thrown in his honor and they've brought together neighbors in a peaceful, animal-loving way. I'm currently working on Norm Pub Crawl to benefit one of the local non-profit animal shelters. He will attend in my dog's stroller (yes, I own a doggie stroller). 

Gracie's always preferred the finer things

So the initial point of this post was to mention Norm's turds. He has man-turds. I should have taken a photo of the one I came home to this morning but usually I'm just so preoccupied with getting that thing down the toilet as quickly as possible. I then had to light a candle to help with the buttscent that was left lingering. No wonder Norm ran, okay maybe it was more of a waddle, out the door when I got home. He can't even stand the smell. 

This is his buddy, Six. He initially came around about 1 year ago looking for food. I think he was abandoned because he's not too skittish and will even come inside once in a while. He is a regal looking cat but has gained a bit of weight... With all the visitors coming around I think they get their fair share of treats. 

Photo courtesy of FB friend: Stephen Orihuela

If you're not already his friend check him out here: Norm Lopez 

Not his best angle