Friday, February 28, 2014

She's Crafty

Lately I've had a creative nagging. I'm not sure from where it comes... I've had the urge to buy canvas, paint and just go for it. Then I found this cool little dresser at a used store. They had one exactly like it with fresh paint only $10 more but I had an idea. 

Before shot - can't tell from the photo but it was really dirty and beat up.

A trip to Lowe's for some sand paper and I rounded the edges and smoothed it out. I had a friend with some extra paint so I saved some money there. 

Quick top coat of black.
I looked up a few blogs and instructions on how to get a "vintage" look but realized the only way to try this was to do it. I can't read about something I want to learn - I just have to do it. 

Red coat over the black.

Sweet nobs I picked up.

I'm quite pleased with the finish! So is Gracie! I needed the extra clothing space for my room since I'm starting fresh. This dresser is actually the exact match (but miniature) to a dresser I've had since I was a baby. That one is currently in my mom's closet. I'm going to paint it next but with a cream color finish instead. 

Miss Gracie excited for her new dresser
I'm still going to buy canvas and paint. Hopefully an artist friend of mine whose talent I admire a great deal will help me learn how to hold a brush. I might even acquire a little french hat for full artist affect. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I've been trying to make the most of idle time to grow personally. I realized today this is something I should have always been focusing on but its easy to let things distract. I believe focusing on my own personal growth is why I don't mind working part-time in a job that is, well, menial. I was told by the attorney she feared my getting bored soon with this work. It's only been a week and half so its hard to say but there is such a freedom in working and staying busy with things that need to get done and then retiring at noon for a day that is all mine to make use of. The opportunity has been quite rewarding for me. 

My hope is to continue to save and go to Tahoe in May or June. Everything in life is temporary so I have no expectation of when this will actually happen or how long I would be there but Tahoe has consistently been on my mind since the road trip. 

I'm heading out for a (hopefully) wet run. Nice to have the rain back after several weeks of near 80 degree weather. Gracie had to get her hair did - too hot for such a hairy monkey. 

Trees in full spring bloom


I know... she's so cute with long hair. Sigh....

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Coffee, Run, Ice Cream

These things have been my Prozac lately. I ended up running 75 miles last week with about 6500 of gain. A 23 mile run in there really kicked my ass since I haven't run more than 14 since CIM. I've been riding my single speed around as well the last couple of days to mix up the workouts. Forgot how much I love that bike. 

Keeping it juvenile with Mr. Tsang
Lately I've realized how comforting a cup of coffee is to me. Although I'm missing the crisp, clean, cool air of Colorado it feels nice sitting outside a coffee shop in 70 degrees with my girls. My running pace slows exponentially with warm weather but I guess its good training.. if I were to train for something. 

"I need a haircut, mom"
I've eaten an unhealthy amount of dessert lately. After I saw the elevation gain in my running last week I stopped feeling guilty about it long enough to have an ice cream sundae at the newly re-opened Farrell's last night. That place is a carnival. Banging on drums for birthdays and people dressed in funny hats and balloons. And really loud circus music. 
Next time it will be the Volcano Brownie
This week is looking to be a high mileage week as well. I'm really enjoying the outdoors and then diving into a book in the evenings. It helps the time go by and keeps the thoughts at a safe distance. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sun is Shining

I drove into Sacramento late last week. I immediately set out on an 8 mile run to cleanse myself from the long drive. I've gotten myself to a bit more of a settled state and found a part time job. I'll be working in an office for a high profile divorce attorney. I suspect the mundane office work will be livened by what happens when people get into shitty situations for long periods of time. 

I would like to say my road trip home was a blast and I saw new places. The truth is I see now in looking back at the photos how great it was. The coast is beautiful which is why I chose it for driving back home. I knew the juxtaposition of where my mind was with the beauty in front of me would help get me through the long days. 

Moab Arches 

Falls about 45 minutes outside of Portland
Hike break with the girls

Astoria Oregon I thank you for the Chocolate Croissant - twice.
I'm definitely in a transitional phase in my life - much like I was before I left for Colorado. I don't see myself staying in Sacramento for long. Gaining confidence in what my next move is while connecting with those I enjoy having in my life is what my days are for now. 

 One of my favorite spots was Bandon. It was sunny when I arrived (photo of coast above) and the next morning I went out for an hour and got absolutely drenched. There are many beautiful spots along the Western Coast. I took the time to drive through Avenue of the Giants as well and came across a tree I could drive through. Everything was eerily desolate being very early in the morning and nothing open. I felt like the girls and I were the only life on the road. It was peaceful. 

Today the sun is starting to peak through and the hours are getting away from me. Need to enjoy the last days before I start working (part of the time) again.