Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back on track, sort of

My foot pain was due to a sprained ankle. I was grieving for the first week or so until I realized that cycling can help fuel the fire within. I took almost 2 weeks off before I ran again. It was fine until I pushed 13 miles and stressed out my ankle again... This puts a wrench in my training for SD Rock n Roll... I really liked this plan too so I will use it for CIM to finish off 2011. Until my ankle heals completely I'll cycle and run short distances... not desirable but I'm confident that if I can just keep up my endurance I'm capable of completing SD at least under my CIM time of 4:44.

On another note, last weekend I was on a ride from Sonoma to San Rafael. I kicked bicycle ass and enjoyed the day thoroughly... good friends, good weather and butter and eggs day flourished. I think I will appreciate taking a break from running after the Ragnar Wasatch Back to focus dancing in my pedals.

Until next time...