Saturday, December 14, 2013

CIM 2013

Last Friday we made it out to Sac for CIM. Mom and Dad picked us up from the airport and we promptly went to the expo to pick up my bib. I was nostalgic in the car driving up J Street but not regretful that I am no longer living there. But I do love Sacramento - that will always remain true. 

The weekend was pretty casual and relaxed. I hadn't run the entire week leading up to CIM because Grand Junction saw a pretty good snow storm early in the week but I wasn't letting that sink into my head too much. I figured this was going to be the perfect example of going into a race undertrained rather than my typical 50 average miles per week. 

Celebrating Tim's Hardrock entry Saturday

Sacramento was seeing a cold front as well and it was about 25 degrees, I think, when the race started. I had to give my watch to Tim because his was about to die. I was grateful not to have the thing on actually and not pay any attention to it. I trusted Tim and the pace he was going to set for us to make it in before 3:35. 

Our pace was pretty quick from the start (about 8s) and it felt quick but not uncomfortable. We cruised into the half at 1:44 and I was still feeling good. I wasn't totally comfortable but I reminded myself that I was running a marathon PR and I wasn't supposed to be comfortable. I still had a pace I thought we could sustain. We averaged a 7:58 through mile 20 and Tim said we should pull back a bit just to be conservative for the last 6 miles. "A 10K is still a long way to go" he said. By this time my breathing had become really labored and everything was just kind of a blur. Typically in a road marathon I'm making eye contact with spectators and smiling and consciously noticing things. All I had in me, especially those last 6 miles, were focus. 

By mile 25 I was crying and professing my undying love to Tim. I was thinking about the finish ahead and finally qualifying for Boston after attempting it the year previous at the same race. 

Happy with our 3:32:32
We flew home the next morning and the snow was still here waiting for us. It's starting to warm up a bit now - we might make 30 degrees today! I'm starting to toughen up my California skin (June Bug, too)! It makes me look forward to spring and finally getting out more on the beautiful trails that surround our home. Until then, I'll keep my mileage low and stay cozy. 

Palisades Brewery - Cozy.