Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I've been trying to make the most of idle time to grow personally. I realized today this is something I should have always been focusing on but its easy to let things distract. I believe focusing on my own personal growth is why I don't mind working part-time in a job that is, well, menial. I was told by the attorney she feared my getting bored soon with this work. It's only been a week and half so its hard to say but there is such a freedom in working and staying busy with things that need to get done and then retiring at noon for a day that is all mine to make use of. The opportunity has been quite rewarding for me. 

My hope is to continue to save and go to Tahoe in May or June. Everything in life is temporary so I have no expectation of when this will actually happen or how long I would be there but Tahoe has consistently been on my mind since the road trip. 

I'm heading out for a (hopefully) wet run. Nice to have the rain back after several weeks of near 80 degree weather. Gracie had to get her hair did - too hot for such a hairy monkey. 

Trees in full spring bloom


I know... she's so cute with long hair. Sigh....

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