Monday, May 19, 2014

Redemption Run - Silver State 50M

Ran Silver State 50 Miler last Saturday for the 2nd time. The experience was 100% pleasant, although I missed my friend Tan's smiling face and walking with me for 5 hours (for a mere 17 miles). The course was still humbling. It took me 10:41 for the 51 mile course and had me re-thinking what kind of shape I'm in. I thought I would have been closer to 10 hours. I was supposed to run a 44 mile loop in Yosemite last weekend. When it cancelled due to snow filled peaks I decided to give it another go in Reno. This was always a training run for the upcoming 4 day Tahoe Rim Trail in July. I figured I'd take it real easy and just focus on staying fueled and feeling good the whole time. Mission accomplished. I felt like I could have kept going when I finished and knocked out 12 trail miles the following morning ending the week with about 85 miles. 

And I just signed up for a double century in the Eastern Sierras less than 2 weeks away. It's funny because I don't really ride that much. But that's the thing. It wouldn't be an adventure if I knew I was well trained and could do it. I have no idea if I'll finish 200 miles on a bike right now. The most mileage I've done was about 70 last week and it was all on my single speed. Again, the goal will be slow and easy to complete and not injure myself. A nice diversion from running for a weekend and with beautiful scenery. 

Plus I saw this on the menu at a nearby restaurant. Yes, please. 

Cluck Cluck Club of Raymond's Deli

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