Friday, March 15, 2013

Mom, Look! I'm a real runner!

I decided this morning while brushing my teeth that I should finally paint my toenails since its sandal season now. So I got out the red sparkles and started painting (still while brushing my teeth - this whole story happened within 2 minutes). Before I slathered paint on the black one - this is the 2nd toe of my left foot - I noticed it was starting to lift a bit more from the last time I paid any sort of attention to it. So I gently lifted it and was shocked that I felt no pain as it started to come off of my toe skin completely. 

Um. I've seen people do this on tv before. Usually its some ultra-runner with a sheepish smile on his face because he knows he's torturing the viewers. I have to say though I never thought it would be me, smiling by myself in my bathroom with toothpaste coming out of my face, laughing like Butthead

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