Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's been awhile....

But I'm here. And I think I'd like to start blogging again. Or, as luck would have it, I just have enough time to blog at the moment.

My San Diego Rock n Roll marathon finish was 4:05:16. I'm planning on breaking 4:00 at CIM this year. My summer has thus far consisted of Ragnar Wasatch Back in Utah, which was so much fun I put together a group for Napa Valley. Team "I need more Cowbell" will be making their debut this September 2011 and we got a fever. 190+ plus miles with 11 other stinky sweaty people is more fun than you would think! It must be all the endorphins!

In other news i've been dancing in my pedals a lot lately. It's doing wonders for my physique and at first I thought that cutting running down and adding cycling would just not feel right. I attribute this to my true love of pounding the pavement. It took a few weeks to get used to but i'm thoroughly enjoying my rides from work and the occasional long ride on the weekend. And I no longer think of myself as cheating on my running shoes... "It's just a little break, I promise I'm still fond of you...And no, my Garneau's don't make me feel the same way you do..." I'm ready for my 100 miles in September and look forward to perhaps a ride further down the coast.....?


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