Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Inadequate Street Cred

My first 5K was a blast! And I placed 2nd for my age group! What does this mean? It means that I earned a plaque! The 1st place 30- 34 female came in at 20:44... Might be a stretch for me to work on that pace but I will focus on reducing my 7:22 to a 7:00-7:10ish pace. I feel the lure of these short races... I'm told that the fact I was able to run another 5 miles after this 5K means that I can push much harder. These "sprint" races (I use the word "sprint" lightly as it is impossible for me to actually "sprint" 3 miles) are intriguing because having trained only for distances of half marathon or better, I have NO idea what i'm physiologically capable of... And this is the pinnacle of what feeds my competitive spirit: what is it that I am capable of.....

Stay tuned....


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