Friday, August 12, 2011

High hopes for first 5K race

Signed up for my first 5K on August 27th. I'm hoping to come in under 22:30 so I called my friend Joe since he's good at running fast. My first sprint/track workout leaves me still sore and heavy legged after 2 days... But I think it was good for me. My lungs have never burned that much in my life. It is obvious track runners are completely different beasts than distance runners. But it was fun and I look forward to my next workout. I may get 2 more lung burners in before the race and I'm hoping that will be enough to condition me for my 3.1 mile "sprint".
In other news I will be doing my first century ride on August 20th. I'm hoping a climb in elevation tomorrow at Lake Tahoe will prepare me for next Saturday. Lake Tahoe, sun, beach.................

Happy Donut Friday

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