Thursday, January 9, 2014


I've found myself inspired by the song, "The Fear" by Lily Allen recently on my runs. I don't normally listen to my ipod when I'm running but brought it out one day when doing what is becoming my favorite hill routine (we'll see how long that lasts). 

Miss Allen had a short lived pop career that was ridiculed mostly for how outspoken she was. That's perhaps why I like her. The song is kind of cliché, sure, but she's making fun of consumerism and it was on the heels of a successful first album. I imagine she was experiencing attention and pressure and this was her way of giving a big fuck you in her direct sort of way. She was quoted as fearing "of the world becoming this horrible sterile place. Being scared that there's never going to be anything real any more that isn't sponsored."

I think about this stuff while I'm running because its when I'm most at peace, mentally. I suppose running is when I feel most real and unaffected. 

Listen to Lily's Fear here 

See hill workout here 

Still enjoying the beautiful scenery even if its "colder than a witches tit" (Grandma McCoy taught me that).
I ramped up mileage this first week of January ending with just over 50 miles total. And being that we're in this beautiful part of the country my Garmin is reporting over 5400 feet of elevation gain (!!!) Keeping this up shouldn't be difficult and I'd expect to see a huge increase in fitness this year. First race of the year will be Antelope Island 50 miler in March! 

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