Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Rain

Today I'm not feeling myself. I'm in a slump. I think its created by feeling fat, not running quite as much as previous months. I guess its a case of the mean reds (SEE:  Holly Golightly

Sometimes I feel like I'm screaming in my skin. Maybe its excess energy from not running? Or maybe it stems from looking on one side of my closet the other day and realizing that I haven't been to that side of the closet in months and I should just throw all that stuff out. Which then gets me on a train of thought on living simply and how I can go about doing this more efficiently. Actually while I'm on this tangent I'm sure another source of my ill-at-ease is the fact that I've been eating Halloween candy and enough sugar lately to kill a donkey. And I don't even like candy. I also don't like my job. I'm dealing with a dumbass that owes me money and with the help of a friend have been able to eloquently put pressure on him without losing my shit. I'll get my money one way or the other. I just hope that my next blurb here isn't "How to take someone to court". But I admit I think it'd be kind of fun.. hee hee. Its fun when you know you can't not win. 

I'm still on track to PR at CIM. I'm really not sure at this point how well I'll do and if I'll hit the BQ promise land on this go - I guess that's the glory of running. We never know how we are going to do.. that's why we see how hard we can push. I really got used to and started liking the long slow slogging that Tahoe Triple granted - and that I will be granted if I get into WS100 next year. It's just a different mentality than being focused on numbers. I like both. Typically runners will end up choosing one or the other in the long run (that pun was not intended). Road/Speed vs. Trail. I hope I can hang on to the fundamental challenges and enjoy both for a while. 

I should also get back on my bike. 

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