Thursday, November 15, 2012

Clarksburg Country Run


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Derrick is the man! With his MOvember stache he is on a roll signing up for 50 milers and pacing lil ol' me to a PR. This was unintentional.... I told him "I want to run a smart race..go out with 8:15s and then after a few miles start to pick it up". So naturally I leave the gates and hit a 7:45 for mile 1. I tried to back off but then its like whatever, if a 7:30 feels good let's just stick it out... I knew it was too fast but I didn't care. I felt like my rookie self again running Urban Cow for the first time just 2 years ago (and vomiting immediately after). Our half mark was at 50:00 and at mile 8 I started feeling it... I was struggling to keep it under 8 minute miles and that became my goal for the next 5. Just keep it under 8s and I did! 

Check us out!!!

This run was much more enjoyable than the first time I did it, 2 years ago, when my IT band flared up and I came through the finish at 2:16 with tears in my eyes thinking that I was not fit for running. That was when my ART love affair started with the pros at Elite Spinal and Sports Care 

I told Derrick early on that my overall goal was to keep it under 8s and perhaps that will give me a confident boost for CIM. My initial goal for CIM was 8 minute miles (3:30 finish)... I'm now thinking that I'll go out with the 3:40 pace group and just hang with them and see if I can pull away at some point before the half. 

I have a feeling depending on how this goes and how I feel will determine if I'm going to sign up for Napa and go for BQ there..... 

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