Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 in review

The year had quite a few last minute detours for me and I've learned this is how I like to live. Sporadic, unconventional. It also seems this year I realized that since I started this whole running/fitness thing 2.5 short years ago, it's become so much a part of my life I have no idea where or who I would be without it. Similar to when a dog comes into your life and you have no idea what it was like before you had to take care of him. Here are the fun adventures of the year I never had any intention embarking on January 1st, 2012:

  1. AR50 - I decided sometime in February or March I might as well put myself on the waitlist not really thinking I'd get in. 
  2. Pacing the last 22 miles of Western States (after running the first 30 for safety patrol in the morning) 
  3. Running the Tahoe Triple (and even placing 1st for female under 40 on the first day! I know... low competition races are awesome) - this was physically taxing and rewarding. Completing it and feeling as well as I did ultimately lead me to putting my name in the WS100 lottery.
Adventure lows for the year:

  1. DNF at Skyline to Sea 50K due to ITB flare up that I couldn't run through (my car DNF'd on the Martinez bridge on the way home. And then we waited for 6 hours for a tow truck.)
  2. Being attacked by a raccoon 2 times in the last month
That last one isn't race related but it induced some adrenaline similar to that of finishing a hard race. I've never wanted to hurt anything fuzzy but I had to go mama bear on the turd after it went after my dogs. We all managed to get away unscathed but I'm terrified of leaving my house after dark now. Guh. 

This last month my fitness has dropped post CIM. I've been eating and drinking too much and although I haven't gained any noticeable weight I feel like crap. I told myself December I wasn't going to beat myself up about it but how can I not? I'm whining for this self-inflicted rut I've gotten myself into. I'll get over it. 

I've signed up for Sonoma 50 and lottery chose me for Way Too Cool 50K. I also signed up for the Steep Ravine 50K end of January and I'm still toying with the idea of signing up for Bishop 100K. As with most things, it will be a last minute decision fueled by some sort of inspiration I usually get when I've been running for too long and I'm lacking sugar to make rational thoughts. And it'll be great. 

Happy New Year Friends!!!

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