Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Western States 100 is upon us

There is a definite buzz in my head in anticipation of the upcoming weekend. I must have learned of the Western States 100 not more than a year ago. I probably didn't think much of it at the time (other than "wow, humans can run 100 miles?")  and yet, here I will experience a good portion of it this Saturday thanks to Kevin and newly made ultra-runner friend, Dave from Florida. 

Our Saturday will start around 2am when my mom (good sport as she is) drives me and Kevin up to Squaw Valley for the 5am start of the 30 hour race. Kevin's dentist runs the safety patrol for this race and graciously Kevin and I offered (mine was more of a beg) our leg's services. Glenn was more than happy knowing that Kevin was now an Ironman and capable of the duties necessary for the task. 

We will run about 30 miles in the mid-back pack of runners to ensure safety (imagine that!) Thankfully Glenn didn't require references as to the quality of my nursing skills... This will be my first time running at this altitude and my first time on this part of the course. I will most definitely stop for photo ops and I'm giddy at the thought of watching these crazy bastards (I can say that because I wish I was one of them). 

After 8 or so hours I hope for food and ice. Because 20 more miles will ensue around 10pm or so when Florida Dave gets to Green Gate. I met Florida Dave on day 2 of the WS training runs Memorial weekend. I fell into my groove early on..and Dave ended up behind me. We got to chatting, as you do, and I learned that Dave flew out from Florida for the 3 day trainers before the debauchery that was to take place this weekend. Well, apparently I was good at faking it because Dave thinks I'm strong enough to pull off 50 miles within a 24 hour period without the same muck that took place at AR50.... I hope Dave doesn't have the sappy story of "I had to drop my pacer back there because she's crying and vomiting on herself". Dave, if you do, I apologize up front. Because if this does happen, I'll probably be cursing you at the time. 

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  1. Post run/pacing report lucky schmuck. I want to see photos of the weather that made so many people drop in the first 20 miles and want to know how night time running went.